Many men and women dread the striped like marks known as stretchmarks. Others don’t know what they are and are astonished when the dark marks appear. Basically, stretch marks are concave streaks that can appear pretty much anywhere on the body, but are often seen on the stomach, breasts, hips, inner arms, buttocks and thighs. When they are new they are fairly noticeable, but over time the color in the stretch mark fades making them less noticeable. Stretch marks are particularly common after quick weight gain and are very common in pregnant women, especially those who are in their last trimester.

Stretchmarks cannot be removed and they do not go away, they can however be made to be less visible with time and treatment.

Stretch marks are simply troubling because of the aesthetic of the skin being affected, however they are not harmful nor are they painful. Common variations of stretchmarks include: concave streaks, lines, or stripes in the skin, some are white (when faded) while others are pink, purple, red, black, or blue.

While there are a number of creams and oils that help reduce the appearance of stretchmarks, these tend to take a significant amount of time before you notice a difference. One more effective method to treat stretchmarks is SkinPen II. The SkinPen is a microneedling device.

Microneedling is a safe method used for various types of patients with all skin types. Using the Skinpen to treat stretch marks seeks to break down the stipes and stimulate the layer of skin underneath the mark to produce collagen. The treatment practitioner will normally use a needle with 1.5 mm depth. In order to reduce discomfort there are also numbing creams that are used. Usually while someone is using this form of treatment there is also a cream that will be taken home and used between treatments.  This will also help to reduce the appearance of the stretchmarks.

If you are thinking about trying SkinPen treatment for stretch marks, expect to have a series of 4 treatments with at least a one month break between the treatments. Expect your skin to be red and swollen following the treatment, this only lasts for about a day, then disappears.  The results are not immediate after the first treatment, but you will be able to see the visible change in 4-6 treatments! Plus, you don’t have to worry about taking time off after treatment, there is really no downtime needed.

If you are concerned about the appearance of your stretchmarks, remember there are excellent treatments out there, such as SkinPen.