How Skin Pen can improve your Looks

Skin Pen is an awesome device that can help improve the look of your skin. It works with the body’s natural healing process in order to encourage it to begin producing new collagen and elastin. When the skin becomes injured, the skin goes through this same process as it heals. Skin Pen simply starts this process in order to create a beautiful look.

The way that Skin Pen works is that it uses microneedling, which is a technique that helps to create micro channels or openings in the skin that are temporary. It does this without any skin removed or thermal energy as well. These channels are referred to as fractionated injuries.

The reason for these channels is because they allow topical treatments to be delivered to the skin in an optimal delivery way that allows for diffusion and penetration. One of the best things about this treatment process is that it is safe, quick and effective. Plus, the process used to begin the process of collagen production is non-ablative, meaning no skin is removed during the process.

There is also no risk of fibrosis when you have this procedure and it is great for all skin types. While there is a minimal amount of downtime, it is not significant and you will be able to return to your normal activities rather quickly compared to other cosmetic procedures.

Some of the most common side effects of having this treatment are similar to mild sunburn. Some notice redness as well as swelling and tenderness after the procedure, but these issues disappear very quickly. It only takes one day before you are ready to return to your normal activities. While the redness may linger for a few days after this treatment, you can easily cover it up with makeup after the first day. Then after a handful of days, you will not be able to see any negative signs that a treatment was even administered.

The results that people see with the Skin Pen are really amazing, but it can be difficult to pinpoint because everyone’s skin is created differently and the exact results may vary from one person to the next. You should talk to your physician to determine what your goals are and how that matches up with the number and intensity of your treatment schedule.

It is recommended that multiple sessions be conducted using the Skin Pen, simply to offer the best results possible. The results of the treatment will begin to appear about a week after each session and will only improve with time as your skin continues to heal.

This is a great treatment for a great number of people, especially those with uneven skin tones and fine lines. These will probably see amazing results after just one treatment. However, those with acne scarring may take longer to notice drastic results. This is a fantastic treatment that will help improve the look of your skin and is something that you should consider if you are struggling with skin related issues.