Sclerotherapy is a typical medical technique for elimination of varicose veins as well as spider veins from body.

This treatment is done with the help of an injection with specific solution that is injected directly into vein. This solution may cause some irritation on lining of blood vessels, some patients may feel stickiness or swelling with blood clotting. With time, this injected vessels turns into scar tissue that get faded slowly and disappears. This medical treatment is being used by professionals since 1930’s with quality results.

Before receiving this treatment it is good to consult your dermatologist; try to avoid Sclerotherapy if you are going to give birth to a child. You are free to undergo this treatment if you are already taking some birth control medications. If your body has type of blood clot then your physician can make better decision about whether to go with treatment or not. Actually the therapy is dependent on your overall health, especially with the area where you need to apply Sclerotherapy. Those veins that are considered to be important for any kind of heart bypass surgery in future will not be treated with this therapy until and unless they are deemed unusable.

How it works?

In most of the cases, a salt solution is used for injection and it is inserted into veins using very fine needles. At the time of injection patient may feel little cramping or discomfort just for two or three minutes; mostly when treatment is used on larger veins. The complete procedure will take about 15 or 30 minutes and the number of veins that can be injected at one session depend upon location as well as size of veins. Some general medication conditions are required to be verified prior to treatment. Patients are suggested to do some aerobic activities for few days after treatment because it helps in fast recovery.

Although the procedure takes less time but doctors may ask you to stay for longer time so that they can observe the effectiveness of therapy. Once the doctor finishes his procedure on veins you will be asked to wear some compression stockings or elastic bandages for few days so that bleeding or swelling can be controlled. You will need one or two days for executing your normal routine work after treatment, in some cases doctors prefer to take more than one session for complete vein treatment but it depends upon your health and conditions of body. If your treatment is performed by well experienced doctors there are very few chances of after therapy risks but in some cases patients may find issues with certain kind of allergic reactions, bruising, bleeding and infection. Sclerotherapy is best option for treatment of small spider veins as well as varicose veins whereas sometimes doctor may prescribe other treatments for larger veins. If you want to receive this treatment it is good to avoid some medications like aspirin, ibuprofen, or some other anti-inflammatory drugs at least before 72 hours of treatment. Ask your doctors for complete details before opting for Sclerotherapy.