Microdermabrasion will help remove Sun-damaged skin, Age/Brown Spots

Regardless of the skin colour, most people struggle with sun spots or age spots, some kind of ashen pigmentation which forms in the skin. The skin will either lighten or get darker than it should normally be, this mostly happens in concentrated areas or an individual may notice some uneven spots of grey to brown freckles. One of the main causes of the age spots is excessive and cumulative exposure to the sunlight. When you expose the skin to the sun, melanin is produced to protect the skin against harmful ultra violet rays. With cumulative exposure, melanin will be deposited in specific area especially those that are often exposed, this leads to creation of the brown spots.

One of the most effective ways of ridding sun damaged skin is through microdermabrasion, this is a non invasive ways of removing the outer layer of the skin. This kind of treatment is used to treat sun damage, light scarring, stretch marks and discoloration. It helps in improving the black heads and age spots as well as hyper pigmentation. It exfoliates the skin making it possible to get rid of waste materials. The procedure cal also lessen the stretch mark appearance, reduces wrinkles, acne scars and fine lines as well as enlarged pores. Microdermabrasion also thickens the collagen, a protein which is found on the skin, making the skin look healthy and  younger.

Microdermabrasion involves sandblasting the skin using non abrasive objects, the process leads to removal of some of the melanin which is stuck in the spots. This process helps the skin to regain its density and elasticity since there is stimulation of collagen production. Small spots can take at least six microbrasion to be completely removed from the skin while larger one can fade away with approximately 12 microbrasions. There are people who get rid of the age spots after undergoing only four microdermabrasions

Since we will always get exposed to sunlight, either when sunbathing or in our daily activities, we need to adopt a treatment that will help us get rid of the brown or age spots. They can be very traumatizing especially when we want to look good. Microdermabrasions is one of the treatment which can be adopted especially by people who do not like invasive skin treatment. It is safe, convenient and effective, it gives more than one deserves, it will leave your skin spotless, remove all the wrinkles, acne scars and make your skin healthy.