Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup has been steadily gaining popularity ever since Bare Essentials launched its loose powder foundation in the 1970’s. It is marketed as being more natural than conventional makeup. This isn’t entirely true, but it does have some basis in facts.

Mineral and conventional makeup all contain the same compounds that are synthesized in labs. These include zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These ingredients can’t be put into makeup bottles straight out of the mines because they don’t exist in nature. But the refining process they go through is a good thing, as titanium naturally contains many impurities that you don’t want on your skin, like mercury and lead.

The main difference in mineral makeup is not what is put in, but what is left out. Mineral makeup does not contain preservatives, chemical dyes, or fragrance. Many of these omitted ingredients can be skin irritants, which is why dermatologists often recommend mineral makeup to women with sensitive skin. It’s also oil free, so it won’t cause any acne outbreaks.

Unfortunately, as mineral makeup has gained popularity, many of those skin irritants have been added back in. This makes mineral makeup, for all intents and purposes, the exact same as conventional makeup. Not all companies have made the switch, however. Jane Iredale mineral makeup is still free of synthetic fragrances, preservatives, and dyes, making it a safer choice for many women with sensitive skin.

The powdered mineral makeup at Jane Iredale provides a physical barrier to UV rays, providing protection from the sun. The company claims that further use of sunscreen is unnecessary, but many dermatologists recommend using it if you are going to be outside for long periods of time, just in case. Their Liquid Minerals do not provide UV protection, though they can help repair the damage from too much sun.

Many women are apprehensive about switching to powdered makeup because they are afraid of it over drying their skin. With Jane Iredale this isn’t a problem. The drying agent in powdered makeup is talc, which is used in 90% of makeup formulas. Jane Iredale is talc free, so it doesn’t dry your skin. In fact, the minerals may actually help keep your skin hydrated by trapping moisture under the particle layer.


Jane Iredale mineral makeup provides exceptional all day coverage. Even if you find yourself sweating or caught in a rain storm, only a minimal touchup is needed. When drying your face, be sure to pat lightly instead of rubbing. Some makeup will come off, but a sufficient amount for coverage will be left behind.


It is important to note that Jane Iredale ingredients tend to be safe for sensitive skin, but everybody reacts differently. Speak to your dermatologist about what will work best for you and always use caution when testing new makeup.