Healthy Skin

A beautiful and healthy skin adds charm to your personality; it simply represents your care towards yourself. It is not always compulsory to use heavy makeup for your face decorations rather take care of skin health and allow it to breath with freshness. First of all you must know about common factors that cause damage to skin health:

  • Biggest cause of skin dryness is lack of hydration because it creates a stretchy feeling in skin surface.
  • No matter why you started smoking and how much you do; it is always harmful for you. It does nothing for management of stress rather it makes your skin dry and more dry taking away all its beauty.
  • If you spend more time in direct sun light surely you will be having more skin dryness problems. UV rays can cause more damage to your skin.
  •  One of the most powerful reasons that cause skin damage is bad eating habits. If you are not taking proper nutrients and vitamins, you can see its direct effect on your skin.

Here are some beauty tips for skin

  1. Minimal Makeup: It is important to understand that makeup just creates an artificial coat of beauty over your skin and causes damage to actual skin. It is fine to use makeup for your special days but keep it minimal for your routine life and let your skin breath with fresh touch of nature. It is enough to use sunscreen, moisturizer and tone for regular days.
  2. Face Cleansing: All beauty experts advise to use proper cleansing therapy after your long day out or parties. Chemicals that have created a tight mask over your skin need to be washed out before you sleep otherwise in the morning you will feel embarrassed with pimples. For perfect acne skin care it is important to maintain face-cleansing routine.
  3. Sunscreen: Your skin always demand additional care from direct sun light because these rays are really very harmful for our skin and can cause premature aging, rashes as well as skin cancer. It is good to use sunscreen with perfect SPF according to your age and cover your body properly before going out on a sunny day.
  4. Scrubbing: Women are suggested to scrub their face at least twice a week al that all dead cells can be removed; it also reduces chances of acne and improves skin tone by clearing it from all toxins.
  5. Moisturize: Keep your skin hydrated all the time by using proper moisturizer. For best results it is good to use a hot water soaked towel on face before sleeping because it will open pores of skin naturally so that moisturiser can work effectively deep inside your skin.
  6. Healthy Eating Habits: To have a beautiful and healthy skin for long life it is important to develop healthy eating habits. Prefer to eat vitamin C and A rich foods with some healthy fats. A diet with tomatoes, iron, zinc and rich fibres will pay towards protection of your skin. But beyond all these water plays most important role in skin care.