Forever Young Therapy

Broadband Light is a new technology that has improved the standard of skin conditions and more. Broadband light therapy is being hailed as the forever young therapy and it utilizes a specialty pulsed light to deliver rejuvenation therapy across the skin. Medical professionals need to pick out the wavelengths or filter and select the setting for the skin condition that patients are affected by. By dialing in the right settings is possible to produce more vibrant and smoother skin as well as a much more youthful appearance. Regular treatments with this style therapy can be more effective than any type of night cream, botox or other form of treatment.

Broadband light therapy is used to treat a massive number of symptoms including:

Sun damage
Facial veins
Uneven skin tone
Fine lines and wrinkles
Facial redness
Brown spots
Enlarged pores
and more.

Broadband light therapy utilizes a dual lamp technology. Each of the lamps in this therapy supplies half of the treatment that is required in the procedure. By using a number of different wavelengths in targeted treatment, patients can get a much more even skin tone. BBL is currently one of the most versatile systems available for therapy currently. Broadband light therapy can also be used for hair removal services as well. With interchangeable smart filters and finesse adaptors it possible to change out the wand for various procedures and skin conditions. Finesse adapters also make it much easier to get into hard-to-reach areas.

BBL is relatively painless as a result of the powerful cooling that comes from the sapphire crystals that are added into the wands. These work to rapidly cool the skin before and after treatment to make sure that there is an increased level of comfort and safety for all patients.

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