Face Treatment

It is always important to add additional care towards selection of makeup accessories and other skin care products. Women always prefer to use well tested makeup accessories so that their face stays far away from any kind of side effect. To add more choices into your safe to use beauty products, “Dermataloge” is here to present you best collection of skin care products. Dr. Jones has designed so many products for perfect face treatment and they suit best to all skin types:

  1. Jane Iredale Makeup:

Jane Iradale has designed all products to fulfil needs of consumers and each product cares about skin of user with effectiveness, intelligence and simplicity. If we talk about skin types, this makeup treatment is safe as per various laboratory tests; for sensitive skin types, Jane Iradale has created three unique sensitizers as synthetic preservatives, petroleum based colorants and synthetic fragrance. In summer season most of people face problems of acne and it sometimes occur with certain beauty products but this makeup collection care about your skin and allows it normal breathing with natural care therapy. There is huge collection of products including sun screens, face wash, oil controller, lipstick, concealer and many more. All these skin care products are available with reasonable price and according to regular users they add additional care for every skin type and avoid skin damage that usually occurs with direct sun light, dirt and many other factors. Jane Iradale designed so many products that suits best to every women without opposing skin tones. There are huge numbers of shades that works perfectly with every skin tone and are safe for skin. Corrective colours will help you to maintain your skin tone even if acne has left any mark over it. All makeup kits and tools are designed to facilitate all users with best face treatment.


  1. Teeth whitening:

Those who smoke regularly or drink more tea or coffee are more likely to have stains on their teeth. Actually these stains look embarrassing; people use to try so many teeth whitening treatments for stain removal but outcome is always disappointing. The Whitespa teeth whitening treatment is here for all those who are tired with all other teeth whitening products. One thing is important to note that this treatment is not designed for pregnant women as well as not for person under age of 16. According to Whitespa treatment guide normally teeth can have brightness shades from five to fourteen whereas average improvement goes up to eight shades. Actually results of this treatment depend upon level of discoloured appearance of teeth before treatment. According to a scientific research, this treatment possess many active ingredients which are safe for health as all dental care authorities are using same substances for teeth whitening from so many years. This gel will never cause any harm to natural structure of teeth and maintains perfect care for ever. This treatment takes total time of about 30 minutes and after safe, gentle, superior treatment you will be able to see great results. Most of the patients do not experience any kind of pain or sensitivity during this treatment while some may observe minor tooth sensitivity that is automatically recovered soon.