Dysport and Botox

Despite the fact that Dysport appears to have not been around as long, it has been used in the same manner as Botox in Europe for years and there are very few differences between the two. The overall size of the Dysport molecule is smaller and that will mean that the overall amount that is used to affect the change will be larger. The cost will still be about the same.

Dysport may not last quite as long, but there will not be a significant different in the amount of time between uses. There may be a small two to three week window, but that is about all and most people do not even feel the need to get their next application that early on.

The chemicals that make up Dysport seem to disperse a little more than Botox and that can make a slight difference in some areas of the body. Tight enclosed areas, such as the forehead may not see much in the way of dispersion increase between the two. The method with which the injections are made will go a long way to stopping this from being a significant problem.

Dysport seems to start working a little quicker than Botox. It will start having an effect in about half the time. If there is something that is pressing and the effects need to be quicker, then the Dysport will be a good choice. Bear in mind that all of this should be discussed with the physician that in making the injections. There may be other issues that the patient is not aware of and cannot find through their own research.

Overall, the biggest difference that one will be aware of is the fact that it takes more Dysport to achieve the same effects as Botox. That can mean a slightly higher cost that also depends on the doctor that is making the injections. One should bear in mind that the less expensive the operation is not always the most important fact to keep in mind. Both Botox and Dysport have had some bad press and the fact is that the injections themselves are almost always the issue.

Safety has always been an important factor and the chemicals themselves are both proven safe and effective. Many of the poor results and issues that people have had in the past are from poorly done injections and mistakes that are made by the physician. This is because many doctors consider this a procedure that is simply too easy and too quickly done. Rather than give the procedure the attention and time that it requires, they treat it more like a “fast food” operation. This can mean that too many procedures are done in too short a period of time and that can lead to poor results.