Botox/Dysport and Dermal Fillers


The muscles around forehead and eyes are joined with skin from inner side; whenever you squint or frown, these muscles face automatic contraction and pull skin above to form a wrinkle. With time, these wrinkles on your face get deeper look and get permanently fixed to your skin. Botox is a famous serum that provides temporary relaxation to muscles whenever it is injected; this is the most effective method to keep your skin safe from squint lines that soon become wrinkles. This treatment is useful for those patients who do not have any other permanent lines on their face. Thus treatment is proven to be effective for patients below age of 60 because it can cause reversal of frowns and squints from face. For those who already have deep and highly engraved lines on face, Botox will add preventive action to stop worsening of these unwanted lines.

Here are some advantages of Botox:

  • This is a non-surgical procedure for skin care.
  • It follows very simple steps and can be applied quickly.
  • It does not require recovery time.
  • Safe and effective method.



Dysport is a non-surgical, powerful and simple treatment that works for relaxation of facial muscles at forehead area. It is effective enough to eliminate wrinkles as well as frown-lines from your face. Dysport is considered to be same as Botox but they are actually competitor products. Dysport is a powerful acetylcholine release inhibitor that acts like a blocking neuromuscular agent; it works powerfully for treatment of wrinkles on face that usually occurs with regular muscle contraction. It posses almost same properties as that of Botox but is manufactured by other company. The dilutions associated with Dysport are different from Botox based dilutions so you must make sure that you take treatment from specialist. Reviews says that Dysport provide faster results as that of Botox and is also less expensive comparatively. Most of users are happy with dysport treatment as compared to Botox.



Dermal fillers is one of the most popular way to get back your beautiful youthful skin; you might have seen so many celebrities that look young even at the age of 45, there facial skin look very smooth and plump. The main reason behind this appearance is that they use to take dermal filler injections on regular basis. This treatment can be used by all those patients who have no fear from needles and have already wasted lots of money on various skin lifting treatments or creams. If all these tricks do not worked it is good to avail best results with Dermal Fillers. Injections of dermal fillers are made up of synthetic and natural materials; this treatment helps to reduce facial wrinkles as well as fine lines by regaining lost volume of face. You can find so many types of dermal fillers in market but the usage depends upon your lifestyle, requirements and of course budget. It is good to concern your physician before using any beauty treatment because it may be associated with your health.

Botox/dysport and dermal fillers are great option for improving your facial skin but treatments demand concern from your physician.