Acne Skin Care

Who don’t want to look beautiful? Nobody! It is the truth of life that one makes use of hundreds of product in entire lifetime to combat with the skin problems. And the end result is mostly the same that the problem is healed temporarily and is rediscovered after a couple of months. It is because the products only heal the outer surface of the skin. They do not work on the roots of the problem. Therefore the acne problem which is faced by almost every girl on the earth can be persistent if not treated properly.

To provide relief of this increasing acne problem in the world a new LED Light Therapy with Gentle Waves or Blu-U has been invented which clean the pores of the skin with the least side effects. This has been tested and recommended by dermatologists all around the globe as it saves the skin from the attack of bunch of antibiotics which ruins the skin and damages the most.


It makes use of skin rejuvenation device that uses LED lights of low level to penetrate the skin and slowing the process of collagen breakdown. As the production of new collagen is stimulated it provides a healthy and youthful appearance of the skin and makes it softer and smoother. The LED lights do not heat up the skin as they are non-thermal and thus provides a comfortable treatment. This Gentle waves treatment generally follows the cleansing or hydra facial of the skin. This treatment needs to be regular to maintain the glow of skin. It has been noted that the patients discover the change after around 3 to 5 treatments. It works on the root cause of the acne and the skin blemish and thus is successful in returning the same glow to the skin.


Blu-u makes the use of Blue light instead of Led to target the bacterial exfoliating in the skin. The bacteria influentially multiply it and thus spread the acne to everywhere. The light kills all the bacteria and prevents them from spreading. This treatment is recommended for those skins which feel inflammation due to acne. This inflammation results from bacteria present under the skin and damages the skin to the most. A completely pain free Blu-U treatment is an absolute relief for the patients. Similar to the Gentle waves it also needs to be maintained and thus require regular treatments.

There can be enumerable causes of acne. One of the major causes is the dust and pollution. This is one of the causes which cannot be fully overcome. Therefore LED Light Therapy with Gentle Waves or Blu-U treatments have become the need of the hour. The results actually depend upon the tone of the skin. Some skin types adapt it much early while some takes time.  The best part about these treatments is that they are easily accessible and less expensive. Moreover it do not damages the tissues present under the skin as they do not work on the extremely underneath layer.